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Off -White Paper. The Brno Biennale on Education and


Education means developing individual skills, knowledge and understanding , as well as community-wide mobilization and rearrangement of resources and people. Project Off -White Paper, conceived as a "visual reader " 26th International Biennial of Graphic Design , focuses precisely on this aspect.

Brno Biennale since 1963 represents the best of graphic design on a global scale. We wondered what educational background is as follows proven excellence. We took a list of authors therefore received the work from the last five years Biennale Brno and we have undertaken a simple quantitative analysis of their academic profile. In which country and which school to study? What is the economic reality is often represented countries and schools? How many students in each discipline annually adopt and how many of them he graduates ? How many students have to pay for education ? Finally, there are some logical correlation between some of the above issues ?

Our research has naturally focused on quantity rather than quality. In their experiment aimed at finding and presenting some basic facts about education in the field of graphic design , so as to ( selectively ) exhibited in the last decade, the Brno Biennial , we impartially worked only with numbers . The book and the accompanying exhibition based on the principle Isotype ( International System of Typographic Picture Education - International Education System typographical images) , and therefore form the basis of a set of visual graphs.

Authors: Sulki & Min Choi (KR )

This publication is based on the award curators of the 26th Biennial Brno 2014.