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How did it happen that Torvald Helmer's wife left .
Henrik Ibsen

Reduta theater , theater - Vegetable Market 4

Admission: 132 - 258 CZK

Author : Henrik Ibsen
Translation: František Fröhlich
Director: Rastislav Ballek
Scene : Stefan Milkov
Designer: Katarina Kováčiková

Cast May 31, 2014 19:00
Nora Helmerová Eva Novotna
Torvald Helmer Petr Halberstadt

The child's voice : Anna Mitana

What happened when Torvald Helmer's wife left .

Nora and Torvald Helmer are preparing for a miracle : After years of hardship he turned to them luck . He feels well deserved satisfaction. They come Christmas ...

Ibsen's drama in the Czech language was first introduced by actor Paul Švandy Semčic of the Provisional Theatre in Brno in 1887 , under the name of Christmas. Since then has gone through many twists and turns of interpretation , depending on how fundamentally changed the view of the status of women in marriage , in the family and in society. In doing so, however, the story of a fatal misunderstanding between the husband and wife who make a joint family , we design a common future and live in a common household , without noticing that they live in their own different worlds , lost none of its original irritation. Still can strike like lightning suddenly the audience in the stands , waiting along with the protagonist of a miracle fulfillment of family happiness , love and understanding.
Reduta ceremonial first production as we intend to intimate , yet intense concert two leading actors of the drama NDB Eva Novotna and Petr Halberstadt under strong directorial baton of Rastislav Ballek .

Running time: 90 minutes without intermission