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The wedding , which will take place on everything.
Stanisław Wyspiański (1869 -1907)

Mahen Theatre - Malinovského us . 1

Saturday, May 31, 2014 17:00

Admission: 100-350 CZK
Author : Stanisław Wyspiański
Director: Břetislav Rychlík
editor : Jan Gogola
Scene : Tomáš Rusín
Costumes : Zuzana Štefunková - Rusínová
Music : Petr Hromádka
Movement: Ladislav Basketball

Veselka is one of the major works of Polish theater . The importance of this game , the border between theater and art far above it.

The author wrote it at the very beginning of the 20th century, when the territory was divided between Poland neighboring powers : Russia , Germany and Austria -Hungary.
The game was created and the story takes place in Lesser Poland , the monarch at the time was Franz Josef .
At this time , the Polish identity has come under strong pressure from the outside, while struggling with the question of the tension between a strong national conscious elite and rural residents, among them intellectuals not always successfully tried to rouse national sentiment . This situation of political unfreedom and internal fragmentation has been the driving force constant reflection of the meaning of the Polish national existence.
So the wedding is Kraków's intellectual and peasant girl becomes a stage to show not only the individual human destinies , but in an amazing metaphor and national destiny .

And all through the simultaneous theatrical form that had prevented all European modernists . Wyspiański it uses not only words , but also music , dance and visual arts, blends reality and the surreal and grotesque .

A does not spare his nation - the story goes from bitter satire on political and social conditions to the basic idea of the game , the problem of illusion and self-deception myth of the Polish national unity and a past. Almost hard to believe that Veselka was established more than a century ago.

The above is but it will take place at locations called high politics , in parliament , offices or university or in pubs .

All this occurs at a rural wedding in directing Břetislava express.

Premiere: October 18, 2013 , Mahen Theatre

Running time: 180 minutes , including breaks