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Mojiao Wang : Encounter (2014 )

Saturday, June 28 21:00

Days of a new opera


New Stage

World premiere at the festival 's new opera Nodo 2014.

In Chinese with Czech subtitles .

Tickets available in e -shop and bar in BarKavárně .

Price : 100, - CZK

It is we who have changed the world , or the world has changed us ?

It is the long adored modern society with its stunning science and technology is the only reasonable option we have ? It is we who have changed the world , or the world has changed us ? Can I use science and technology to really create the world in which we satisfied? The opera follows the speeches of various concepts of love and emotion of people living in different circumstances . He tries to wake up and our vigilance against the modern way of life and the freedom to explore the inner person from a different perspective .

Mojiao Wang (1982 ) is a Chinese composer of great interest in a variety of musical styles. She studied piano at the Central Conservatory of Music in China, then began studying classical composition (now at the Manhattan School of Music). He is interested in singing , formed the rock band and tries to jazz singing. She was a resident of Ostrava Days .

Libretto: Wang Weizhong
Hyun Yi Kim , soprano
mezzo-soprano, tenor , bass negotiations
Canticum Ostrava , Yuri Galatenko , choirmaster
Director: Xinxin Tang
Scene: Francis Králíková
Ostrava Band conducts Ondřej Vrabec

Opera Chinese composer Wang Mojiao sounds at the festival Nodo 2014 ( new opera Days of Ostrava). More information about the festival :