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Much more Than nothing

June 8 - 17:00 Sunday


contemporary dance

Open air before Cooltourem

The performance will probíhet before multi-genre Cooltour center .

Admission is free.

Healthy crazy and spontaneous theater that plays with the idea of manipulation. Although inflammation and committed dancers 'only' performs the impossible - at 150 %! Performance absurd task is pasivizuje in their personal options , as are absolutely exhausted after each entry . Against the background of this is eternal banter between Slovaks and Czechs. ticklish game with identity and nationalism. witty, cheeky and wry self-critical . a submission to the generation of artists who were born in Czechoslovakia and grew up in the Czech and Slovak and now live all over Europe . project was selected by an international network Aerowaves as one of the twenty- priority performance in 2013.

Concept: Dobák Stano , Peter Saul

In different variants featuring: Martina Hajdyla Lacová , Lucia Kašiarová , Tereza Ondrová , Andrea Opava , Carolina Hejnová , Peter Saul , Stano Dobák and Spring Viňarský
Lighting design: Jiří Hajdyla
Costumes: Masha
The performance was created as part of the residential program Studio ALTA support of the Young Artist Foundation .
Length: 50 min .

Contact: Carolina Hejnová , karolina.hejnova @

Independent dance group ME- SA - was established in August 2008 as a logical continuation of that time , two-year choreographer Ji - Eun Lee a Czech - Slovak trio of dancers Hany Kalousková , Martina Hajdyla Lacová and Hejnová Carolina ( Pair ) . In May of 2009, the trio of dancers artist's site- specific project Echoes in the Synagogue at Palmovce , who was awarded the audience prize at the Czech Dance Platform 2010. During the season 2010/2011 addressed the ME- SA cooperation Slovak grouping Debris Company and the Czech choreographer Lenka Vágnerová ; also found the group became the scene within residential project Studio ALTA, where he works today. ME- SA presented their projects at the Czech Dance Platform festival , DANCE PRAGUE , Small Inventory , Edinburgh Fringe Festival , etc. Founding member of the ME- SY Martina Hajdyla Lacová was twice nominated for Dancer of the Year (2011 , 2012) and the author's work Solos / part III / was nominated for the dance production of 2012.