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Ostrava - Dance for people

June 6, 2014 18:30 Friday

Organizer: MG dance

contemporary dance

The whole Cooltour

A multi-genre dance festival Ostrava - Dance for people is focused on a relatively large range of dance styles (from dances through flamenco , swing , tango argentino dance to the Caribbean or Africa ) and aims to connect non-professional and professional dance community and introduce dance as a fun and interesting change everyday life , art and sport. Dance (even recreational) significantly contributes to good health, proper posture , fitness and healthy mind.

Dance workshops that you can attend at the Festival ( beginners and advanced ) , clearly the best approach to the style of dance and so feel its atmosphere firsthand .

Dance evening will be accompanied by dance stars of the Czech Republic Jaroslav Kuneš , Mahulena Bočanová a patron of the festival, Ms. Tatiana Drexler and the program will just tip the dance scene. Course will also be space for fun and dance to the accompaniment of recorded dance music , but also accompanied by live Cuban band Son Caliente .

COOLTOUR club 06/06/2014 18:30

TK Akcent 06/07/2014 - 12:00 WORKSHOPS

06.07.2014 music club GARAGE 20:30

Project is supported by City of Ostrava part of the Ostrava -European City of Sport in 2014 - making it provides significantly reduced entrance to all workshops and dance evenings festival Ostrava - DANCE FOR PEOPLE .

Dance Master ZDENĚK Chlopčík recommends this action.