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By visiting the cinema will save forest

Lecture: PROJECT GREEN LIFE - OS Prales children.

We cordially invite you in collaboration with Recruitment Agency PeoplePoint Ltd. , Radek Novotny , Michal shoes ( / ) and the Metropol cinema on 6.3 from 19:00 to interesting event full of adventure , knowledge, awakening , positive energy and direct protection of wildlife , which gives all his colleagues profound meaning of life and hope for the future generation of defenders of wildlife .

The lecture will film Green Patrol , Green 666 and help me my man. It will also be discussion , engaging chat about the project and showing photos with the direct participation of Milan Jeglíka and Zuzana Koloušková .

Admission : 150 - Proceeds from the event goes to support the construction of the tiger house in Sumatra .

It will be possible to purchase promotional items to promote the project Green Life .

Tickets available at the Metropol cinema and society PeoplePoint sro (Vienna 6 , ) from May 15, 2014

Do not be indifferent and you need to breathe !