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Hooray to the Beginning

Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family . USA / South Korea , 2012. Dubbing , 82 min .

The story of three children who happen to get to a specific time machine shaped like an egg and it travels into the past . Specifically , sixty-five million years into the past. Find themselves in the middle of a nest of dinosaur eggs and the first thing you see is a huge T - Rex , who looks at them in astonishment . However, no horror is made. The most dangerous dinosaur It is not for food, but for their offspring . Children are now " somehow" must ensure the return to his own time and catch it before it hatched chicks real dinosaur . During this adventure will obviously face a prehistoric monsters and dangers at every turn.

Director: John Kafka , Yoon - suk Choi
Screenplay: James Greco , Adam Beechen , Jae Woo Park , Zachary Rosenblatt
Music: Stephen Barton
Starring: Rob Schneider, Jane Lynch, Pamela Adlon , Tara Strong, Melanie Griffith , Stephen Baldwin , William Baldwin , Yuri Lowenthal
A charming story about the little bugs fill the hearts of all fans of ballet fairy tales. You will meet again with the reaper, reaper, Verunka , Janie , sister and himself BROUCK in a timeless story.

A co-production of the ballet Moravian Theatre Olomouc and civic associations Ballet studio at the Moravian Theatre .

Duration: about 1 hour 50 min . , 1 break