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Feste Theatre launches fourth edition of the festival staged readings SPECIFIC 2014

20 to 23 May 2014 in Brno and its surroundings

SPECIFIC is the only theater festival in the Czech Republic that form of staged readings systematically introduces the audience with contemporary Czech theater plays one country or region .

This year's festival , which takes place from May 20 to 23 in Brno and its surroundings , is dedicated to the country , which right now is going through major changes: Ukraine. Dramaturgical intention therefore this is not only the current state , remarkable in Czech and Ukrainian previously untranslated texts, but also through them to point out the problematic events on the local political scene and look at them as objectively as possible .

During the festival will gradually read six texts from the 5 recognized by Ukrainian authors , all in Czech premiere. The selected authors are : Pavlo Aryeh, Den Hummenyj , Jana Hummenaja , Jevhen Markovskyj and Taťjana Kycenko .

Ukrainian playwright Taťjana Kycenko accepted our invitation, and spends so with us the whole festival.

The festival is named youg devoted texts by authors from the former Yugoslavian countries , the second edition Belarusian drama. Starting from the last year ( dedicated texts of Francophone Africa ) received festival umbrella name SPECIFIC .

Theatre Fest is an independent creative theater , founded in 2006. Focuses on current social and political issues. It works with non-profit organizations to design productions rely on cooperation with experts and specialists in their respective fields (often with the cooperation and FF FSS MU Brno) . Overall, the main mission of the DF activity is the development and promotion of the civil sector, strengthening the role of the public in the state, promoting the principles of equality , human rights and sustainability actions and deeds of our surroundings and ourselves .