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May 20 At 19:00 Tuesday

Students JKGO and Carolina Hejnová

contemporary dance

New Stage

The evening comprised of choreography teachers and students JKGO . A guest of the evening , this time in the form VERTE Dance with the introduction of Boxteska . For the first time on stage introduces students of contemporary dance .

Tickets available in e -shop and bar in BarKavárně .
Ticket price: 120, - / 90, - student / 50 - student JKGO

Let's Practise

This contemporary dance solo created tailored for a dancer Jana Špunda to participate in the International Ballet Competition in Tallinn , where he placed third.

Choreography: Eduard Adam Orszulik
Dancers: Jan Špunda or ( Eduard Adam Orszulik )
Music: Justyna Woloch
Length: 3 minutes

Skin I Live In

Choreorafie : Hana Wimmerová
Music: song title - Shades of marble
soundtrack from the film The Skin I Live In Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar
Composer: Alberto Iglesias
Dancers: 3.G - Lea Chlubnová , Jakub Jursa , Lucie Kovářová, Dominika Kožušníková , Jiřinka Sztefková ,
Description choreography: " I do not feel at ease .... it's me or someone else ?"

"GPS "

Our individual physical sensations , or the search for identity became topics for physical design.
In today's hectic and very stressful time , man has no time for anything and is completely exhausted from all that has to make a catch . Does not perceive around the neighborhood and does not realize how beautiful life really is . But suddenly , he stops in front of the railway crossing at which the train passes , the moment to make his sight. However, each moment is perceived differently , some are happy for a moment in thought, but on the contrary , some have become accustomed to daily life so that they can not do the normal and simple things that can rejoice .
Length : 13 minutes
Dancers: Eduard Adam Orszulik , Elizabeth Pokorná , Barbora Rokoszová
Choreography: Eduard Adam Orszulik
Music: Soap & Skin , Dexter Britain , the word : Pavel Liska
In this work , we participated in the International Festival and also at the International Choreographic Competition in Skopje , where we got to the finals and dancer Barbara Rokoszová won the award " Best Dance Performance" .


Concept: Claudia Heu
Mentoring : Jana Ryšlavá
Music : Ivo Morys
Dancers: Jana Gajdošíková , Barbora Druláková , Paul Parchantská , Christina Zlatníková
Improvised sequence based on the strict space limitations and elements. All performers decide here and now - despite all the limitations of communication , and there is action and reaction.


Choreography: Christine Slezáková
Music: Maurice Ravel
Starring: Adam Farana
Dancers: Victoria Georgieová , Adele Šticová , Dorota Hořanská , Catherine Nepovímová , Anna Svoreňová , Lenka Radová

Work in progress - movement study inspired by impressionist music. Synthesis of live music and movement arising under its influence . Choreography is based primarily on performers and their creative contribution and direct collaboration with virtuoso piano accompaniment .


Fists , grips , knock- outs . Two women in the boxing ring in the slightly absurd duel with an opponent , referees and with themselves .
Fictitious one-act comedy from the rope boxing ring 30s.
Direkt , the left and right hook , drop shadows . Boxerští grandmasters female . All this under the supervision of a sharp altrozhodčí that in their frantic rhythm Seconds TWO conclude this boxing grotesque raising only one hand.
Story: Charlie Chaplin
choreography , interpretation : Tereza Ondrová , Veronika Kotlíková , Lucia Kašiarová
overhead and Movement: Ondřej Nosálek , Charlie Chaplin
Music : DVA
Set, Costumes : Masha Černíková
Lighting design: Pavel Kotlík

The performance was created as part of the residential program Studio ALTA .