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Restaurant day Ostrava
May 17 At 11:30 Saturday
The whole Cooltour

International festival of homemade dishes , which for the first time in Ostrava brings multi-genre Cooltour center .

Imagine a day when you will leave the gray walls of your kitchen, poisoned faces of diners who fail to adequately appreciate the treasures that they lovingly serves daily . The day you turn into a chef and you get the opportunity to present their culinary um whole world ! ! Imagine the glowing faces of passers-by who taste and hearty praise your goodness , which serves them . Utopia ? But no , you just want to relax and enjoy with us the first Ostrava International Festival of homemade food !

His restaurant , pastry shop , bar , cafe, bistro or you can just stand completely open anywhere - at home , in the garden , in the office , on the street , in a park on the waterfront, in the square, just wherever you and your guests will feel comfortable . Beware, if you are not on private property that belong to you or where you have it arranged , you need a permit !

If you do not know where you opened your restaurant or how you would solve everything you need to operate it , you can utilize the multi-genre Cooltour center , which will provide the background .

What do you need? Almost nothing ! Just a good dose of imagination , creativity , spontaneity , humor and originality. The more intriguing name of your restaurant , your menu more unique , more interesting, your clothes , nuttier operation , crazier environment in which meals you serve , the more you have of smiling guests .

What's this? Restaurant Day is organized by volunteers from among food lovers . The idea is to meet with a convergence of people that is most effective as other than in the company of wonderful food and drink. The prices you sell food to you to set , but should ideally only cover your cost of production. Or do you tell yourself , for what you offer food require. Imagination has no limits ...

Do you want to get involved , but I fear that it will rain or not to have a table on which his goodness 'll set up , the water we take, electricity, to which you connect ? Are you afraid that you will be stuck alone in an unfamiliar area as stakes in the fence ? Well, do not be afraid and join us ! Restaurant Day before Cooltourem take care of you .

If you would like your restaurant to open in front of the center Cooltour multi-genre (or in case of bad weather directly in it) , please contact us to 10.5. the e -mail tereza.a @ .

Still a but ? We entice you ? Are you in ? So hurry up to register . Give the name of your restaurant Cry and the whole world when and where you will be able to visit .

And you ask where it all breaks ? Why, on Saturday, May 17, 2014 , when the worldwide open , even for a single day , the most amazing and coolest restaurants . The rest is up to you and your imagination ...

And I can not cook ? No problem , so come and eat , have fun with nice people and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of spring . List of restaurants in the world and therefore also in Ostrava found on

If you have any questions or you need help with registration necessary , by providing space, power or anything else , please feel free to contact me at tereza.a @ . If you want to open your " restaurant" before Cooltourem , please email me no later than May 14, 2014 your requirements regarding material security . Cooltour you secure tables , chairs, access to water, electricity , toilets, and in the case of nasty weather and internal gallery space where we can move .

PS: And do not forget , plates , glasses and cutlery with you! Plastics are boring and burden our environment . So, the fewer will be necessary , the better ...

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