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How to have pizzazz as the catwalk

Unusual summer exhibition

While spring collection modeled on its piers Andrea Verešová , Olympia Brno celebrate the arrival of summer season models indeed unusual . Hot summer trends at affordable prices is perform on May 1 to 18 mannequins in glass showcases . Static fashion show " Cocktail summer fashion " photo contest will complement the shopping with stylist Nelly Hořínková .

This year I chose Olympia Brno to present summer collection 2014 instead of the traditional static pier unique format of the show. This way , visitors can inspire what to buy for the coming season .

"In classic fashion shows you determine which outfit to buy and how to combine it with other elements . Permanent exhibition of the hottest fashion trends for advice on where to buy different models and what are aligned, " says marketing manager Lucie Olympia Brno Nedbalová adding that each showcase will include a description of the goods and information , where it can be obtained. In the event involved 40 apparel brands , including Guess, Levi 's, Aeronautica Militare , Ann Christine , New Yorker , Promod , GAS, Tally Weijl and Triumph .

Outline of fashion shows , the shopping center proved it last year , this year it also adds enhanced thematic installations and photo competition for shopping with a professional stylist Brno Nelly Hořínková . Candidates will shoot at the parade fotostěny placed directly in Olympia and these fashion selfies record on the web . Stylist will then select three of most successful outfits that will be valued .

Exhibition and Competition will be held May 1 to 18, 2014 .

The exhibition will complement hot summer trends means of transport suitable for the summer season , such as Harley Davidson motorcycle , sports and training plane Zlin Z 142C , ski, catamaran , the exhibition will also gradually introduce convertibles McLaren , Dodge Viper and Ferrari 458 Italia .