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Heinrich von Kleist
broken pitcher

Classic comedy about a small case

At the beginning of this classic comedy is quite trivial event : the broken pitcher. Who and why it broke , has to track down Adam , bailiff small town near Utrecht. What all due to rise to the surface on the relations between the local population ? And how long before they manage to cover up that the investigation of cases ultimately bears much of the blame himself investigating ? Directed by Heinrich von Kleist's play , from whose death passed last 200 years , marks the return of Peter Gabor on stage Moravian Theatre Olomouc, where in 1998-2004 as artistic director of the drama created one of the most outstanding artistic eras last decade.

Duration: about 1 hour 40 min . , Without a break.

Translation: Henry Pokorny

Directed by Peter Gabor

Scene: David Bazika

Costumes: Marta Roszkopfová

Dramaturgy: Markéta Machačíková

Music Selection : Peter Gábor

Cast :

Rychtář Adam : Stanislav Saarland

Judicial Council Panek : Josef Barton , J. H.
Scribe Světlík : Petr Kubes
Ms. Marta Koulová : Ivana Plíhalová
Eva , her daughter: Violet Vendula
Vít puddle chalupník : Václav Bahník
Ruprecht , his son : Vojtěch Lipina
Ms. Brigita : Vlasta Hartlová
Servant : Jiří Nebenführ
The first maid : Tereza Richtrová
The second maid : Vera Sindlarova