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Robert Balogh
Tarzan jungle -king

Ballet fairy tale

After an extremely successful titles Simba - the story of a lion king and Moses - Prince of Egypt prepares creator Robert Balogh spectacular and attractive spectacle based on the famous story of Tarzan . The orphaned human baby grew strong and righteous king of the jungle . His adventurous life altering expedition of Professor Porter . At the first contact with people, you first Tarzan realizes that he is human. In addition, falls in love with the professor's daughter Jane . Do not enter the game villainous expedition guide Clayton , who wants to get rid of freedom and gorillas in cages is conveniently sell. A popular story full of action , suspense and love you will see a representation of all the children in the ballet studio MDO in collaboration with professional dancers.

Duration: about 1 hour 40 min .

Choreography and direction: Robert Balogh

Scene: He covered Eduard J. H.

Costumes: Klára Vágnerová J. H.

Musical Collage : Robert Balogh

Assistant choreographer : Lucie Langerová

Cast :

Tarzan : Ivo Jambor / Jan Kočík
Jane : Dita Salayová / Lucie Langerová
Tarzan's father : Andrej Sarajevo
Tarzan's mother Irina Laptev
Kerchak , leader of the gorilla : Luke Cenek
Kala : Lucie Martináková - Hloužková / Catherine Iranová
Clayton :
Jane Father :
Shaman : Jelena Iliina / Sylva Pospíšilová
Sabor : Michal Kovac
Gorillas : Dmitry Savakov / Michal Hons / Luke Cenek / Ulrich Linhart / Petra Glacová / Lenka Kuznetsova / Ema Krajčírová / Natalia Serebryakova
Mariners: Michal Kovac / Luke Cenek / Ulrich Linhart