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King Lear - National Theatre London

05/01/2014 19:45

Directed by Sam Mendes . Starring Simon Russell Beale , Olivia Vinall , Adrian Scarborough and more.

Direct transfer from London's National Theatre.

Simon Russell Beale , who has recently been on the stage of the British National Theatre showed in Athenian Timon and collaborators , returns in the title role of Shakespeare's famous tragedy .
It was directed by Sam Mendes, thanks to the Oscar-winning American Beauty or the latest James Bond film Skyfall was known as a successful filmmaker .
Mendes and Beale have been working together since the 90s , director, actor even called his " professional soul mate ." In London , all available tickets for sold out at the moment .

The aging king decided to divide his kingdom among his three daughters according to how flowery it can sing . His favorite daughter Kordelio says nothing . Lear's world engulfed in chaos .

The Tragedy of King Lear was probably in 1605 , between Othello and Macbeth . The game exploring the essence of human dignity and humanity tells oio meaning of human existence and the fine line between madness and wisdom, and chaos and order .

Simon Russell Beale
He was born January 12, 1961 in Malaysia , where his father worked exactly as a military doctor . In the eight years he became a chorister at St Paul's School Cathedral.
With choral singing won a scholarship to the University Clifton College , where the role of Desdemona first appeared in theatrical adjustment . Shortly after assuming the role of Guildenstern in performance Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead ( 1995-1996). At the end of the semester Simon English teacher Brian Worthington parents suggested that, in his case, consider any theatrical career.
Simon , however, had other plans - following the example of family traditions wanted to become a doctor. Eventually, however, he had to convince Worthington , left the study of chemistry and began to study English and choral singing at Cambridge University. However, it soon discovered that acting is closest to him , and in 1983 graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
In 1990 came the break-even theatrical performances - Terry Hands cast him in the role of Konstantin in Chekhov's The Seagull drama .
A year later, Simon Russell Beale began his long collaboration with Sam Mendes, in three Shakespeare plays ( Troilus and Cressida , Richard III . , The Tempest ) for the Royal Shakespeare Company. In 2000, at the National Theatre in London appeared in the role of Hamlet. He blamed it on the Danish prince too old and too fat. Eventually , he became one of the best Hamlets of all time , received the award for her role Evening Standard, Critics ' Circle Award and Prize Boston critics.
He also holds the prestigious British Olivier theater awards for musical Candide ( 2000) , a comedy Volpone (1996 ) and the tragicomedy The Cherry Orchard (2003 ) .
Under the leadership of Mendesovým i played Malvolio in Twelfth Night and Iago in Othello . In 2005, he played in another Cassia Shakespeare 's Macbeth and Julius Caesar for the Almeida Theatre . In December of the same year, he starred in the role of King Arthur in the musical Spamalot .
At the National Theatre in recent years emerged as Stalin in Collaborators , John Hodge and in Shakespeare's Timon of Athens' , for which he received another award Evening Standard .
In 2003, Beale was the Queen appointed commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE ) for services in the visual arts.