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The classic operetta with a modern twist

Johann Strauss (1825-1899)
Janáček Theatre - Roosevelt 1-7

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Admission: 130-460 CZK

Libretto: Richard Gene, Ondřej Havelka Ondrej Suchy
Author : Johann Strauss
Translation: Petr Štědroň
music production: Kaspar Zehnder
conductor: Ondrej Olos , Kaspar Zehnder
Director: Ondřej Havelka
Scene : Martin Černý
Costumes : Catherine Štefková
Lighting Design : Ernest Janek
chorus master: Josef Pančík
assistant chorus master: Pavel Koňárek
Assistant conductor : Ondrej Olos
assistant director: Barbora Hamalová
Choreographer : Jana Hanušová

Cast April 23, 2014 19:00 :
Gabriel von Eisenstein Jaroslav Brezina
Rosalinda Daniela Straková - Šedrlová
Frank Ladislav Mlejnek
Prince Orlofsky Adriana Hlavsová
Alfred Petr Levíček
Dr. Peter Falke Emperor
Dr. Zoltán Korda Blind
Adele Andrea Wide
Ida Alena Sobolová
Frosch / Ivan Martin Zbrožek
Voice on the radio Marie Vančurová, Jan Adamek

Performance Conductor : Ondrej Olos

Chorus and Orchestra of Janacek 's opera NDB

Premiere January 2, 2010 in Janáček Theatre

The bat is a fascinating phenomenon operetta world. Belongs among the works of art that define their genre as well as in its domain, the best creation . Libretto bats like in its genre among the most successful . Although the story takes place names used by the German environment can not deny its charm and playfulness French origin . Strauss the libretto for virtually excited and immediately after reading began to compose . First came the bats in the Theater an der Wien on Easter Sunday, April 5, 1874 during the composer's personal control . Audience response was tremendous. Almost every number was frantically vytleskáváno and had to be repeated. Management's expectations Theater an der Wien put on the new operetta filled with a bat and began to fill empty coffers . In 1876, already had a hundred reruns , in 1885, four hundred and five hundred in 1892 and became the most played Austrian operetta of the 19th century . In addition , the bats have become part of the tribal world of operetta production, is also included in opera houses . The first time was due to Gustav Mahler in 1894 in Hamburg, and shortly thereafter in the Vienna Court Opera House to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Strauss's artistic activities.