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Appears someone macabre content , which hides the ark ?

Patrick Hamilton
Reduta theater , theater - Vegetable Market 4

Admission: 130-270 CZK

Author : Patrick Hamilton
Translation: Dana Hábová
Treatment: Ondřej Elbel , Pavel Trtílek
Director: Ondřej Elbel
Dramaturgy: Pavel Trtílek
Scene : Pavel Borák
Costumes : Catherine Blahova
Music : Petr Hromádka

How to plan and carry out the murder that did not come to her and her actors have achieved " the aesthetic qualities of the perfect murder" ? This dealt a pair of University of Chicago students Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb . After seven months of preparation , conviction that "Superman is not subject to the normal laws governing other people " , embarked on his "artistic act " and murdered a younger cousin of one of them. Option Revealed accept.

The most famous detective case in the history of Chicago became the inspiration for a play by Patrick Hamilton's Rope , where two students Brandon and Granillo performs " perfect murder " friend. His body was placed in the ark , in which then serves during a party , to invite and father of the victim.

Czech prime minister.