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MOC ART or Amadeus in Brno

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Miloš Štědroň Milan Uhde
Reduta Theatre , Mozart Hall - Vegetable Market 4

The second part of the project DHNP Geniuses and crooks

The first part of the project while forming staged by Peter Shaffer - Amadeus ie Beloved of God - courtesy of Milos Forman's work with motives of his film Mozart . What was this person? What is the music ? As he left after two hundred years? Children ? Music ? Beauty ? Lie ? Injustice ? Circulating today Brno Mozartian blood? The original Czech opera miniature theme of sin and guilt. And the blood flowing and shooting with a revolver . At the end you waiting for - salvation or damnation . In Brno ... ?

Director: Vladimir Moravek
Dramaturgy: Miroslav Oščatka
Scene: Martin Ondruš
Costumes: Sylva Zimula Hanáková

Martin Donutil
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - on a visit to Brno
Franz Hofdemel , Magdalena humble man and head of sadness
Magdalena Pokorny - daughter of Peter the choir-
Dalibor Buš
Tereza Marečková
Simona Zmrzlá
I Babka
Andrea Mountain
chorus II
Lenka Zářická
Moravian messenger Babka II and Epilogue
Robert Mikluš
I Corps and III Corps
Milan Holenda
Maj mill and a choir Doctors
Ondřej Kokorská
IV Corps and the man who can for everything. He will die a miserable death

Premiere: 17th 4th 2014 - 20:00 in the theater Reduta - Mozart Hall

II . Premiere: 24th 4th 2014 - 19:00 in the theater Reduta - Mozart Hall


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