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Principle of chaos , it is the name of the new game one of the most acclaimed contemporary German authors Olivera Klucka while characteristic of the world in which we live. Among the ruined towers of the World Trade Center in sagging television culture that we hate , but we can not give her up , queued up in front office work or in college while studying a bachelor's fourth field , which does not provide us sustenance , everywhere we live and everywhere we face face of chaos.

Confusion ruled our planet for a few decades ago , when unraveled traditional social and family structures , yet strong economy began to collapse and humanity began its own destruction of chemical and biological weapons, HIV and hard drugs . No, this is not a description of the apocalypse. These are the 70 years of the 20th century !

At a time when growing up today powerful generation X , it was easy to be a pessimist. Chaos was pervasive and contagious. Oliver Kluck , playwright writing with a good dose of self-criticism and black humor , knows about her . What if , however, the legendary Generation X Generation Y members focus ? A new interpretation of a provocative , humorous and open dramatic text that seeks to answer the question of why the current European crisis and the chaos that still leads the way out.

Game in a reading with the success of the Prague Theatre said LETÍ and now gets text in Brno.

Director: Lukáš Kopecký

Designer: Veronika Watzková

Dramaturgy: Helena Michková

Starring : Jakub Safranek, Miroslav Sykora jh , jh Tana Hlostová