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Art from the Gothic to the 19th century

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View Medusa - Six Centuries of European Art

Kaliopi Chamonikola
assistant curator
Zora Wörgötter
Professional cooperation and selection of exhibits
Doc . Dr. . Ladislav Daniel (NG Praha ) , Mgr . Vlasta Kratinová , Mgr . Olga Pujmanová (NG Praha ) , Doc . Dr. . Lubomir Nightingale , PhD . (FF MU Brno) , Mgr . Kateřina Svobodová (MG )
Accessed March 2001.

Name of the exhibition is inspired by the image of Peter Paul Rubens ' Head of Medusa , "which is one of the most remarkable works of art in the collections of ancient art Moravian Gallery in Brno. View Medusa had, as is well known , the story of Perseus , the force that the man turned to stone . The fact that artists have managed to pass this magical ability to image shown by the fact that Rubens painting was in the original installation , exposure behind the scenes to frighten women and children . Name of the exhibition is a metaphor for art able to induce strong experiences , inspire awe , teasing the viewer's imagination. It focuses the most valuable exhibits of European art from the collections of the Moravian Gallery in Brno from 14th to 19th centuries , supplemented by works on loan from the collections of church property and other institutions. Among the various collections occupies an important place of art of the Middle Ages , Baroque works of painters and sculptors Moravian and Austrian provenance , a set of Italian , Flemish and Dutch painting , recently enriched by significant additions and new author is credited , and finally the art of the 19th century in his figurative and landscape position.

Part of the exhibition
Ad honorem Dei - Visual Culture of the Middle Ages Moravia, Bohemia , Austria, Germany and the Netherlands
L' Magnifica Italia - Italian Art 14th-18th century
Life and Myth - Dutch painting of the 16th to 17th century
Triumph of Faith - Celebration of Reason - Baroque Art
The story of a man , the landscape - 19th century

Information for visitors
The exhibition is supplemented by accompanying text and extended captions for the most important works and authors ( Czech , English) .