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Josef Hoffmann : Inspiration

Birthplace of Josef Hoffmann - events - a permanent exhibition

The concept of the permanent exhibition is based on awareness of the condition and should satisfy all those interested in the work of Josef Hoffmann. The main theme of the permanent exhibition are an inspiration. Determination of the theme is based on the perception experienced by Brtnice as one of the inspirational themes of Josef Hoffmann , as a place deeply loved , as expressed in the introduction to his autobiography. Collections birthplace of Josef Hoffmann also contains a unique collection of ethnographic objects (folk embroidery , furniture) . Collection is the torso of Hoffmann collection, which he built to create a resource basis for their own.
In addition to these motifs are in the exhibit explains , for more inspiration Hoffmann -known works ( the influence of Otto Wagner, British culture , etc. ) that are presented with examples of architectural and applied art . Besides the most important realization of Hoffmann ( sanatorium in Purkersdorf family Stoclet Palace in Brussels , Villa Sonja Knipsové in Vienna) is an increased emphasis on implementation in the Czech Republic ( a guest house Poldi Kladno , rural Primavesi family home in Koutech over Desna , villa Fritz Grohmann in Vrbno Pradědem villa Sigmund Berl in Bruntál ) . The most important architectural projects are presented in the form of models and will be accompanied by examples of applied art , photographs , drawings and texts.

The exhibition will be accompanied Autobiography of Joseph Hoffmann in the German- Czech and German- English. The issue for 2010 is preparing a catalog with short chapters dealing with themes with rich illustrations.