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Summer theater at the yard in 2014

Beer fest in the theater courtyard MdB

4th Annual Beer Fest at the court MDB , which will take place from 27 to 28 June 2014 , this time under the sign of medium and small producers golden nectar .

Each brewery will present the best you can cook and we look forward to one more surprise us . It will be a beer light, dark or semi-dark , filtered or unfiltered, yeast , wheat , or even IPA ? We will be able to taste beers from more than fifteen breweries , which means more than thirty kinds of the finest beers !

The course of the Beer Fest will diversify interesting and entertaining program.

Live bands play as Laura and her tigers , guinea pig on the run, CHILDREN Captain Morgan , FRANK ZAPPA QUARTET and music will also accompany DJ DANKESCHEN . Guests can also enjoy the musical performances of the actors Municipal Theatre Brno .

The course of the Beer Fest liven various competitions , you will be able to measure forces such as maxijedlíkem in eating dumplings.

The inherently good beer and good quality food. Grilled specialties and homemade beer snacks prepared by our chefs to Brixton gastro - acting in the theater restaurant Infinity Boulevard and who demonstrate their cooking show.

You can not only taste great beer , but also other household products such as baker and butcher.

Whole the Beer Festus you need a professional moderator Láďa Cmíral .

What you can look forward to:

Specialties from the grill
Domestic beer snacks
Lecture Commercial brewer
Competitions relating to beer
Cooking show chefs Brixton gastro -
Bands and DJ
Sales of beer souvenirs and curiosities
Tasting and sale of fruit brandies
Competition in eating dumplings
Homemade pastries from the bakery
Homemade sausages from the butcher
Hungarian specialties

The organizer / promoter :

Brixton gastro - s.r.o. , mdb


27 to 28 June 2014


Justice of the Municipal Theatre Brno

The main partners among breweries:

Dalešický Brewery - Brewery film Postřižiny
Lisensky brewery
Beskydský pivovárek
Castle Brewery Břeclav
Pivovar Nova Paka
Čižice - brewery U Buffalo
Austerlitz brewery
The town brewery Strakonice

Other partners among breweries:

Brewery Doubravnik
Želivský monastic brewery
Pivovar Kout in Šumava
Brewery Tambor Court of Králové nad Labem
Brewery Dobruška
Starobrno "Dragon"

We support :

Blue Hippo Endowment Fund ( to help children after accidents )
Endowment Fund EMIL ( helping children with disabilities )

We look forward to meeting you in the name of good beer and do not forget that " on the court to simply live ... " .