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Acoustic concert singer Anna K.

Saturday, the 12th 4th 19.00

Entrance fee is 370 CZK

Theatre and cinema halls, a new musical arrangements, which oversaw collaborator Norah Jones and Erasure, exclusive or special international guest scene . This will look like an acoustic tour leading Czech singer Anna K.
Winner of five awards Angel off on a series of unplugged performances for the first time in his career . Tickets are from this week in ticket offices.
Acoustic performances of Anna K. will be the culmination of the ongoing second wave of the campaign against cancer. Part of the proceeds will go to public education and exhorting women to early breast examination and regular checks .

For the spring concert program as diverse as singer left half of the songs rearranged American producer Steve Walsh. He has a large experience in similar work . For example, in the past, been modified in a similar way, the greatest hits of the English band Erasure for their acoustic album Union Street and the subsequent tour .