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Easter Bebešák

Saturday, the 12th April at 13:30

The whole Cooltour

Hody throws escorts , take eggs painted and come with them to Cooltouru the third Bebešák . Again, we have prepared many interesting activities and this time we come with great news. If weather permits , and so far it seems that yes , pull bebechy before Cooltour and we'll have the first ever open -air Bebešák the world.

Make spring cleaning at home since the day before Easter and everything you need , but you do not blow , bring and send it to the next round. Or bake a lamb , braided whip , Paint Easter eggs and come , show off and share with their neighbors for the guidance , advice , tips and tricks , how to do it .

And what you can look forward to a third Bebešáku ?

Non-competition show neighborly eggs - trumps their neighbors the most beautiful Easter eggs.
Thematic workshops for the whole family
Competition in the Easter egg hunt for children
Mazanec , lambs and other goodies.