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The cathedral and the fortress - 2014

The House of Culture Vsetín Ltd. City announces a Vsetín

21st annual competition
Temple and fortress

in support of Czech literature and musicality .

Terms and Conditions:

Competition in the recitation

Friday, the 11th April 2014

Competition is open to students of primary schools in the district Vsetín
The interpretation of any text Czech author / prose or poetry /
Text is necessary to know by heart
Time limit performance is maximum 5 minutes

The competition is divided into 3 categories
A) 1 to 3 class of primary school
B ) 4 to 6 class of primary school
C ) 7 to 9 class ZS / or . grammar schools /

For school may enter a maximum of three competitors in each category.

Competition of children's and youth choirs

Saturday, the 12th April 2014

Interpretation of the 3 songs Czech ( Czech author)

1 folk song
1 song artificial
1 song contemporary author

All three songs to be competitive they must be heard in English
The maximum period of performance is 15 minutes
The competition is divided into two categories
A / children's choirs
B / youth choirs

The application form incl . competitive text / repertoire / send 31 March 2014
The House of Culture Vsetín Ltd.
Svárov 1055
755 01 Vsetín

Or email to or .
For more details and timing will be mailed to 7 April 2014.
More information on phone number 575755210 / 211, 731 443 252 , 604 481 405