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In the latest collection of PlayStation Night reklamožroutů 2014 selected over 300 commercials from more than 50 countries worldwide. It is a selection of the best in recent years, advertising a well known and completely unknown world brand , advertising, original , dramatic , funny and touching. Some ads have a larger budget than the current Czech film (video Cartier - ), others bet on the world celebrity (video Got Milk - watch? v = lpOeHnotqDQ ), another attack on emotions (video Peugeot - ) and most of them are just fun (video Carlton - watch? v = ZnNX8SsKF18 ) .

In this collection of three Czech nominated representative of the Association of Czech Advertising Agencies and Marketing Communication ACRA MK based on the results of the international competition of creativity in advertising Golden Stone . They are advertising for damages ( ) , Staropramen ( ) and T - Mobile ( https:/ / ) .

Promo show PlayStation reklamožroutů Night 2014 is not just about screening advertisements. Who will be five hours sitting too much, he can rebound from the cinema to the foyer , where they will be partying with a barman show booths and partners will offer a variety of products . And are scheduled three ten-minute break , so everyone can stretch and refresh without losing a single spot .

PlayStation reklamožroutů Night 2014 will be held the second April 2014 in Brno, where for the first time will be held at the Scala cinema . Next Wednesday , a ninth April 2014 , I have reklamožrouti Olomouc premiere at Premiere Cinemas Olomouc . Tickets can be purchased online through Ticketpro , Ticketportal or SMS using the SMS portal Ticket. Tickets can be also purchased at the venues advertising show.

26.3. Praha - Prague Premiere Cinemas Hostivař
4.2 Brno - University Scala cinema
4.9 Olomouc - Olomouc Premiere Cinemas

Night reklamožroutů is a global advertising show with a long tradition. Its founder Jean -Marie Boursicot it was first introduced in 1981 to his native France quickly spread to the rest of the world . Each year visit the show more than 300,000 reklamožroutů who are familiar with the latest advertising trends from around the world . Night reklamožroutů is not subject to the censorship of television , alcohol , cigarettes or sex are not allowed.

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