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Academia Film Olomouc


AFO is currently among the most important European festivals in popular scientific film. It aims to represent science as an attractive , dynamic and diverse sector and using film mapping the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences . In the competitive sections of the festival each year enroll hundreds of documentary films and TV shows , his images traditionally enroll even so renowned stations such as BBC , Discovery Channel or National Geographic. Besides the traditional contest for the best Czech and World Science film dramaturgy annually elect several monitored and neglected themes to the audience during the festival tries to get under the comprehensive section .

Because the festival is organized by Palacky University in Olomouc , visitors have the unique opportunity to stay in an open environment and student meet here with leading Czech and foreign popularizer of science . In past years , the festival presented such as the creator of the legendary cycle series Once Albert Barillé life , presenter of the popular American show Time Warp Jeff Lieberman , producer of exclusive BBC series Life Martha Holmes , a world-renowned biologist Steve Jones , a leading Czech psychiatrist Cyril Höschl , renowned popularizer natural sciences and medicine , Lord Robert Winston , Emmy winning Sonya Pemberton and main editor flagship BBC science show called Horizon , Aidan Laverty .

One of the key points AFO is a spectator pluralism . The smallest audience participates morning screenings for schools in Olomouc cinema Metropol , students can talk about specific topics during the panel discussion related to projections and the general public can watch documentary films directly on Upper Square in Olomouc . Visitors to the festival at the same time the opportunity to visit a rich accompanying program consisting of exhibitions, interactive installations and concerts. As part of the festival echoes are then not winning images presented in the towns of the Czech Republic (including regular screenings in cinema Aero within the documentary Mondays ) and in European capitals of Vienna, via Brussels to Paris .