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Ostrava movie night

Night Comic

Ostrava movie nights are back ! A better and nadupanější than ever before! Top bands and great movies together once again in Ostrava! This time the topic KOMIX.
Who and what will be projected ? Just clicked event description.

• • • • • • BAND
100 ° C
Czech indie classics , who for 18 years of its existence have achieved quite a success and whether in this country or abroad . Do Cooltouru bring their brand new album Freaky Boys!
Listen to the new single this trash pop party, you'll love it :

Post- Music
Another band , which is simply not discussed . One of the greatest hopes of the current Czech indie scene . The amazing poetic lyrics and great electro music . Post- music awaits her first ever concert in Ostrava .
Listen to a great ballad Ports : - / posthudba / posthudba

Another fresh whiff of the musty swamp Czech Popik . The energetic duo DJs will do the right afterparty with his progressive electro set. We'll hop in the morning !
Listen to the new mixtape We Are Back : / TENTENDJS

• • • • • • FILMS
Sin City - Sin City
Today even the iconic adaptation of Frank Miller's comic kultovnějšího . A real gem of a komixovým movies. A stunning audiovisual , harsh shouts and myriad of the biggest stars . Directed by Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino and Frank Miller. What more can I say ?

Kick Ass
The discreet film became one of the most revered komixových movie. Lots of blood , lots of fun , lots of good music .

The famous Japanese anime. Were it not for Akira , there would Matrix . We still need some other reason that this film is a must see ?

• • • • • • • • •

Do you think that 's it? Yeah , that would be enough and it would not be a memorable event. We are preparing this for you but there are many more . Watch Ostrava movie night and you will not miss anything !