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Ille and Never Sol

Friday, the 18th April 20:00

New Stage

When last August debut album came out in ILLE None of your closet, many a reviewer is not afraid to mark it as one of the best local albums of the year 2013. Now , more than half a year after the release shows that it is definitely not empty words . In addition, in December published nomination for Czech music critics Apollo 2013 debut ILLE actually won the nomination Ocko Music Awards 2013 Web magazine editors it even in its annual ranking of the best local albums tagged as the best thing in the Czech Republic during last year released ! Award-winning album ILLE spring showcasing live in a joint tour last year with another deb Never Sol .

"Of course it makes me happy. It's such a special form of validation , but a tricky thing to do. Main thing that counts is the same that the creation of man was for himself, without regard to others, " says principal figure Ille singer and pianist Olga Königová , which also humbly notes that " the need to remain down to earth and very much to the positive feedbacks , any awards or nominations neulítnout . Firstly, the prevention of sleep on our laurels , partly because the negative reaction then misses you so much . "

Album , from which emerged already two successful movies to buy Your singlům girl in the closet ( ) and forget ( ) points for doborné critics and audiences pleasant civility , perfect sound and authentic texts . Its quality is demonstrated by, among other things, the fact that he was the world's largest digital music store iTunes , where it was in None of your closet after the second Czech best selling album ranked in Best Of 2013 for the Czech Republic. The then the album was one more than the first two weeks place in the sales chart and in the Top 10 for the year 2013 ranked Excellent 3 site.

" Twelve mostly melancholic songs could be called a textbook for advanced independent songwriting - the singer's angelic manifestation of its tenderness and purity caresses the soul , while the arc avoids any whiff of pathos and hackneyed cliché , " writes Josef Martinek example of mentioned in the list of best home albums of the year 2013.

Awards and nominations , from which Olga according to his words the most value at the Apollo in 2013 , the band intends to utilize inter alia spring club tour . To receive ILLE together with Sarah Vondrášková akaNever Sol , whose debut Under Quiet in the ranking placed 4th rung and earned the same as in the closet None of your nomination for Apollo 2013.