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Festival Stelibského Vsetín remind famous native

This year marks 105 years since the birth of Vsetin native Stelibského Josefa (* 1909 - † 1962) - Czech pianist , bandleader , music editor , composer and arranger . The staff of the House of Culture Vsetín on this occasion preparing for the April-June composed program , which not only want Vsetína city residents , but also to remind the general public personality Josefa Stelibského as a prominent representative of the genre , which is not typical of our region too .

Birthplace of Josef Stelibského already in Vsetin worth . He was not somewhere on 4th street today May . After a childhood in Vsetin his family moved differently after the then Czechoslovakia. Music Studios introduced Joseph Stelibského to Prague, kd began his career as a brilliant pianist , bandleader , composer and music journalist . He has composed music for more than fifty Czech films and a co-author of fourteen operettas . His compositional work was characterized by dance , music, rhythmic style and distinctive melodic ideas. His work featured numerous operetta theater in Prague ( and Švandovo Tyl Theatre , Modern Theatre, U Novak) . After the coup in 1948, Josef Stelibský decided to emigrate . In Munich, West Germany got from Radio Free Europe the opportunity to broadcast regular music programs. After eight years in Germany, he went with his partner Lola in the USA . Here, however, faced with insurmountable language barrier , health problems , failures and also had to face accusations that the melody of their song " Prague is beautiful " stolen . Heaped problems brought Stelibského 1962 to a marginal decision for voluntary departure from this world.

Memorial project Stelibského Vsetín will be launched on 2 April at 19.00 hours in the Great Hall DK Vsetín concert Ondrej Havelka and his Melody Makers, in whose repertoire also includes songs Josefa Stelibského . After a series of several concert programs thematically focused on the important personalities from the history of jazz and swing music , this time offering Ondřej Havelka and his Melody Makers Vsetin audience the " most beautiful music ever pearls " that the world we swing the 30s and 40s left .

More about Josef Stelibském to hear visitors 28th April in the upcoming social event Vsetínský native Josef Stelibský , which will be hosted by Gabriel Gössel - translator, collector of phonograph records , an expert on music first half of the 20th century , an associate said Ondrej Havelka and foremost expert on the work of Joseph Stelibského .

Furthermore, fans of this music genre can enjoy a dance evening with Joseph Stelibským , during which the 18th May the great hall of the House of Culture Vsetín sound of dance music performed by Melody Gentlemen Fridge and Vsetínská band under the direction of George Caspar .

Remember the famous native son Josef Stelibského will continue in June. We are preparing Talk show Anthony Walks - actor , playwright , director and author of the libretto crazy comedy "Looking for a girl to boogie woogie , designed by Josef music is just Stelibský . The meeting is also a trip to the Silesian Theatre in Opava performance on the aforementioned "crazy " operetta .

For more information on the upcoming composed programs will be continuously updated .