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Dušan Jurkovic . Architect and His House

Private villa Dusan Jurkovic in Brno Žabovřeskách set amidst gardens colored in autumn colors. The building from 1906 is one of the supreme examples of modernist architecture inspired by the British and Viennese art with elements of folk art. Visitors can enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere of the house and its gardens . The central staircase has been restored to almost authentic form , admission Jurkovič salon is furnished with original furniture from the castle Molitorov . The exhibition also presents the work of Dusan Jurkovic in the Czech and Slovak .

The overall recovery of Jurkovič villas aimed to return home to the greatest extent possible, the original character . Thanks to the good state of preservation of building components and sensitive approach to reconstruction in the main living areas of the villa managed to evoke a true atmosphere of the time , when it was inhabited by the architect's family, or just before the family moved into the house .

The exhibition of architecture and art industry, which Dušan Jurkovic in cooperation with the Club of Friends of Art from November 26 August - 20th September 1906 held at his villa , was the main goal is to introduce to the public the modern way of living and also the creation of an architect. The current permanent exhibition follows the Jurkovičův concept.

The central staircase , at the time a very modern element of the interior has been restored to its original form . Several original pieces of furniture were restored and supplemented replicas whose proposals were based on the original Jurkovič plans and photos. Were supplemented and carpets , painted wallpaper, linkrustový facing walls, exposed original wall paintings and ceiling decking mostly restored . Space is returned original proportions and unique colorful atmosphere .

Neighboring salon Jurkovic used as a " showroom furniture marketable ." Were restored wall surfaces, complemented by a replica of the original chandelier and restored exhibition functions. Gradually there appear various furniture files from the collections of the Moravian Gallery in Brno , or other institutions and private individuals. The first exhibit unique set of living room, Jurkovic created for the castle interiors Jaroslav Vesely in Molitirově (1909 ) .

Children's room , bedroom with bathroom used Jurkovic 1906 as exhibition halls of their projects. Under layers of overpainting was preserved painting of curbs stylized coat of arms painters' guild . Spaces now hosts an exhibition dedicated to Jurkovič work.