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Ludmila Padrtová

The first lady of Czech abstraction

work 1951-2013

23rd First - 20, 4th 2014
OPENING: 23rd 1st, 18.30 hours

Museum of Modern Art | Salon , Cabinet

Extended retrospective exhibition of painter and draftsman Ludmila Padrtová (* 1931) , which had its premiere last year in the West Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen , summarizes the current state of research on the extraordinary artist who in the second half of the 50th the last century, almost in secret has created a remarkable collection of paintings and drawings mainly , which can be integrated into a broad stream of postwar lyrical abstraction. Her former major efforts in the field of abstraction fell very quickly into oblivion , as the author already in 1961 decided to terminate their work and in the following years a considerable part of his job gave away or destroyed . More or less the torso of her early work , today numbering around 40 paintings and 250 drawings , discovered in 1996 art theorist George Valoch .
The origins of the author's systematic works of art dating back to 1951, when hiking in the vicinity of Prague began to create drawings with dry pastel A4 . In support of George smithereens and his friends (Zdenek Sykora, Vladislav Mirvald , Kamil Linhart ) in 1951-1954 its effort to capture the landscape gradually shifted from imitative forms to more and more release composition and draughtsmanship manuscript.
In 1955 the second phase of its development. She married George smithereens , outstanding theoretician of art , and in his spare time he began to deal in painting , thematic follow-up to earlier work . Mostly natural scenery , distinctive look and color, revealing malířčin relationship to Expressionism and Fauvism partially .
The years 1956-1960 coincide with the third, climactic phase of her work from the 50s years in which synthesize lessons painting and drawing experience . Besides Vladimir Boudník so Padrtová within five years by such a remarkable and important work that is now regarded by experts as the central figure in the early Czech Informal .
The creation of the Padrtová returned to fifty years later, in 2011, when he began to draw again . In accordance with its art makeup first more or less picked up where once stopped , but at the same time from the beginning of a new stage of her work can be seen that the present work has a somewhat different character. They have spiritual recollection and sometimes the subtleties of color , although painter - as opposed to early drawings - likes to use for light shimmering tone of dry pastel strongly tinted papers. The author alone , however, the new drawings expressed with humor as for her so that they actually can not draw, but that " drawing is found ." This her statement could be understood only as Sally , except that their drawings often actually composes with cut-outs . However, this only confirms her master the art of telling simple means something very significant and otherwise inexpressible of our being.