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Carlo Goldoni
The Servant of Two Masters

Almost flea circus

In Venice in the family Bisognosi brewing wedding. Mutually beneficial engagement Pantalonovy Clarice daughters and a son, Dr. Silvia Lombardi, but his unexpected arrival thwarts man who Pantalone Clarice promised earlier that came their claims , although it should be beyond doubt dead . Do this in the same inn houses Florindo Aretusi that killed Turiňana of that , and is on the run. And both have one servant who has just decided to serve two masters at the same time just does.
If he succeeds , and if it is possible to observe a single word the two men are sure in a game full of confusion and misunderstanding , humorous situational somersaults and " Lazzi " .

The popular and well-known comedy famous Italian playwright ( by the National Theatre in Prague , Miroslav Donutil starring states nearly twenty years ) is based on traditional themes and comedy dell'arte masks that while reforms within the meaning of truth and timelessness, so that may surprise you as relevant today . Olomouc on stage with The Servant of Two Masters appeared recently in 1989 , this time in the role of Truffaldino will see Romana Vencl .

Productions Servant of Two Masters starts season full of drama set mostly sages , thoroughly large and perhaps one could say the classic titles , this text - just like the others - reminds us that there is no future without a past, without a renewal of tradition .

Duration: about 3 hours , 1 break .

Translation: Eva Bezděková Director: Nikolai Pavlov Penev Sets and costumes: Aleš Valasek Music: Filip Tailor Dramaturgy: Markéta Machačíková Stage manager : Ilona Blahova Help: Ivana Zahradníčková Movement: Nikolay Penev

Cast :
Beatrice Rasponi : Tereza Richtrová
Florindo Aretusi : Vojtěch Lipina
Truffaldino , the servant : Roman Vencl
Brighella , innkeeper : Jiří Nebenführ
Pantalone de Bisognosi : Jaroslav Krejci
Clarice , his daughter: Lenka Kočišová
Smeraldina , maid : Vladimir Včelná
Dr. Lombardi : Václav Bahník
Silvio , his son : Ondřej Černý jh / Tomas Krejci