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The words of my teacher dkonalého

Pro Tibet Festival 2014

Documentary . Canada, 2003. In the original version with CZ subtitles , 103 min .

Film The words of my perfect teacher follows the spiritual quest of three students at the end hope of finding wisdom. But it has one problem - it is their teacher. Football enthusiast , charismatic filmmaker and citizen of the world Khyentse Norbu Rinpoche is one of the leading Buddhist teachers. He himself but a " job description " for its actions inexorably declines . Film is a slight exaggeration designed for those who would like to meet Yoda or Merlin and desire for cooperation with a teacher who breaks convention and often the illusion of its students , all courtesy of a razor- sharp humor.

The main roles are introduced Bernardo Bertolucci and Steven Seagal . The film was shot in the UK , Bhutan, Canada, the United States and in Germany at the World Cup . Music world class prepared Sting , Tara Slone & Joy Drop, Steve Tibbets , U.Man.Tek , Congo 19 and more. The film is inspired by Buddhist philosophy. It says that you can not change human behavior until we learn to deal with their own minds. Because the mind is the origin of all suffering , closed hearts , zakořenělých opinions and prejudices. And just to explore the mind needs teachers.