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Silent Holy Stones - festival for Tibet 2014

Drama. China , 2005. In the original version with CZ subtitles , 102 min .

Film Silent Holy Stones tracks ten Tibetan boy , who has a magical attraction of Western and Chinese consumerism . The boy lives in accordance with the wishes of his family in a monastery Guwa , which is isolated from the outside world and where he prepares for his mission incarnate lamas . Once it after a short trip to find as it is right " chained " to the TV and video, there was suddenly no religious devotion or family prayers can not catch up . As the little monk with this rozpolcením parallels ? It tells you when the film itself .

Director Pema Tseden wanted this film to faithfully capture your memories to life in his native village , he recalls the mountains and the lakes and the stories that surrounded him in childhood . The film is shot in Guwa monastery and its surroundings ( in Amdo ) .

Among Tsedenovi films include pasture / The Grassland (2004 ) , Search / The Search ( 2009) and Old Dog / Old Dog (2010 ) . Silent Holy Stones won the 2005 prize of the Golden Rooster , a leading Chinese awards. Tseden studied film production at the Film Academy in Beijing (to get an MFA ) and also published more than 50 novels in both Tibetan and Chinese. Some of his novels have been translated into English, French , German and other languages.