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Catherine Gray: Bedřichovice over the Thames

09/03/2013 - 09/03/2014
Yvon Ferencová
Catherine Gray
Buildings MG (Governor's Palace, Pržákův Palace, Museum of Applied Arts and Bedřichovice )
Date of opening
09/03/2013 19:00

Abnormal exhibition Catherine Grey in the Moravian Gallery in Brno is part of a five-year project , which the author tries to create a new form in the village feast. The project was launched two years ago (3rd 9th 2011) at London's Tate Modern entitled From Morning Till Night / Since I can not see to see.
Exhibition Bedřichovice over the Thames in the Moravian Gallery in Brno their time schedule of the 3rd 9th 2013 to the third 9th 2014 closely follows the one part of the project live (conversion square Bedřichovice ) . Gallery commissioned a new feature becomes signpost that points the audience in the middle of creative affairs.

Atypical form of presentation matches the intent of the author to show the project stage in pure form without restriction by installing a static space -bound institutions , which passes in favor of the personal experiences of participants in the events field .
Alternately, the Moravian Gallery in Brno and Bedřichovice will take place throughout the year meetings of various kinds at different levels : lectures , screenings , joint action ( ball , throws the remains ) , candidates will be able to not only watch but also spoluprožívat important moments associated with building on the square in Bedřichovice ( relocation playground , casting London phone booths , feast to complete the square , etc.).

The MG site , blog Tate Modern and on Facebook Bedřichovice will be constantly updated information about the preparation, and construction phases square Bedřichovice , whose opening becomes the culmination of the entire exhibition project (3rd 9th 2014). In the library of the Moravian Gallery in Brno Pražák Palace will have all the materials previously implemented projects Catherine Gray .
LIBRA project to revitalize the square has become actions Catherine Gray at Tate Modern , 2011, which laid the foundation evocation reverse movement from London to Bedřichovice . Certain elements of London are in the architectural design incorporating the Bedřichovice to , for example: space square when the overlay map of London and Bedřichovice located on the River Thames. The river , which runs spirited shipping is included in the proposal as communication for motor vehicles. Another source of inspiration has become a space before the Tate Modern. Spacious stony area with fitted birch trees on the river Thames with its atmosphere corresponds to the notion of social life in the village center . Important elements of the spatial projection of the hedges , wooden benches , meridian , playground - all inspired by London, the London Underground transport , double-decker bus ...

Catherine Gray building another bridge of communication between Bedřichovice and the world.