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Sometimes the skirt. Art 90 flight

02/07/2014 - 18/05/2014
Pavlina Morgan
Pavlina Morgan
80/40 CZK , 150 CZK R , S 30 CZK / person .
Museum of Applied Arts
Date of opening
02/06/2014 18:00

Finally, give the history of Czech art without telling artists. The exhibition showcases the work of women artists who have appeared in the nineties of the last century . Symptomatic is that most of these artists does not use painting techniques. In their work are clear two dominant tendencies , and it is either conceptual work with objects and installations ( some new sculpture ) , or work with different types of technical images ( digital and analogue photography , video ) . For both tendencies is
Typical use of new materials, often remanded directly from ordinary life, and explore topics that are related to social structures , our everyday life and reflect on their own identity. Meet with the creation of Milena Dopitová , Veronica bromine , Margaret Othová , Catherine Vincourová , Lenka Klodová or Aleny Kotzmannová .

The exhibition and catalog publication, supported by the State Fund for Culture and the South Moravian Region. It is held in cooperation with the City Gallery of Prague.