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Giuseppe Verdi
Comic opera in two acts

See the Opera 200 G. Verdi's birth anniversary and 120th anniversary of the world premiere of - , 1893. In that year he was first introduced Falstaff in Bohemia . Commissioning is the precursor to 450 anniversary of W. Shakespeare, that is in 2014. The composition inspired Verdi's Falstaff, his friend and admirer , composer and librettist Arrigo Boito . He offered Verdi theme and then prepared the libretto himself . Boito took the basic storyline of Shakespeare's popular comedy The Merry Wives of Windsor and also partly out of Shakespeare's history plays Henry IV . (famous monologue about honor) . as a naive fool who always lets dupe , at the end of the opera , however, reveals his philosophy : but for his impertinence and utter irresponsibility, life would be boring and even went bourgeois virtue could not show how virtuous .

In Falstaff Verdi created his only comic opera , who outlived him . Falstaff is evidence of high compositional mastery and musical- dramatic inventiveness and originality, which held Verdi and into old age , when he wrote this opera ( in 1893 , when it had its premiere , Verdi was 80 years). Verdi turns subtle , drobnokresebné means drastic incursions full orchestral sound . Besides the lyrical scenes appear and gently parodied Verdi's heroic outputs full of triumphant enthusiasm aroused or drama.
Duration: about 2 hours 30 min . , 1 break

Libretto: Arrigo Boito Musical arrangement : Miloslav Oswald Conductor: Miloslav Oswald Director: Andrea Hlinková jh chorus master: Lubomir Hellová Set: Miriam Struhárová jh Assistant Director : Petr Hloužek Musical Preparation: Milada Jedličková, Lucie Kaucká
Cast :

Sir John Falstaff : Jiri Pribyl / Vladislav Zaprazna / Richard Haan jh
Ford , husband of Alice : Filip Tuma jh / Martin Štolba
Fenton, lover Nannetta : Ondřej Koplík / Petr Martinek
Doctor Cajus , suitor Nannetta : Jakub Rousek / Milan Vlcek
Bardolf , Falstaffův servant : Petr Masek / Michal Vojta jh
Pistola , Falstaffův servant David Szendiuch / Vladimír Třebický
Alice Ford, Ford's wife Elena Gazdíková / Lea Vítková
Nannetta , daughter Alice and Ford : Eva Benesova / Olga Jelínková jh
Mistress Quickly : Vaclav Krejci Housková / Barbora Polaskova
Meg Page : Lucie Janderková / Zdenek Molliková
Landlord : Petr Hloužek
Servant : Henry Suk
Maid : Maria Nemcova / Catherine Pešková