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Hommage ā Kaja Saudek

Retrospective king of Czech comics
6th Second - 18, 5th 2014
OPENING : 6 Second at 18.30 hours
Museum of Modern Art | Vaulted Hall

Kaja Saudek ( b. 1935 ) introduce not only as the author of the legendary comics ( Joe hippies ; Com -comics , Muriel and angels ; Muriel and orange death; Lips Tulliani etc.) , but also as an artistic loner successfully pendlujícího to work for the film ( Who Wants to Kill Jessie? , Four Murders Are Enough, Darling ) and television ( windows wide open space ; Swallow ) , applied graphic arts (music and movie posters ) , illustration and royalty free stock arts. In Saudek 's primary works of 60th-70th years pervades the air time with an impressive artistic style , unique in the global context. So far, the largest exhibition Kaja Saudek rich accompanying program created in collaboration with Galerie Mona Lisa and publishing Arbor Vitae , which on this occasion published the second edition of a monograph on the life and work of the author.

Accompanying program:

Animation program for the second Primary schools and secondary schools
From 13 Second 2014 | MUSEUM OF MODERN ART
What are the rules of comics ? What stories comics offers ? What are the forms ? Why is this form of expression so popular? What similarities with the film ? What is strip ? They could be placed alone in a cartoon bubble with (or without them ) out? And who ever Kaja Saudek ? During the animation program a museum educator with the visitors to these questions will be answered together and invent a story in which each of the participants will then be processed into one whole story.
Program length : 90 minutes
Trainer: David Hrbek , , tel : 585 514 213

Barbarella Reloaded
puppet theater
Wednesday | 26th Second 2014 | 19.30 | THEATRE MUSIC
Presentation File Cakes and Puppets , who will present the second part of his four-part cycle inspired by American horror and sci - fi movies / Psycho Reloaded / Jaws Reloaded / The Fly Reloaded .
Written, directed by : Radek Beran

Kaja Saudek ( Czech ) comics
A series of lectures at the Centre for Studies in Comics UCL AV ČR A FF UP
12th 3rd Martin Foret : From Prehistory to the Saudek : ultrastručné history of comics
19th 3rd Tomáš Prokůpek : Search comics paradise : inspiration Kaja Saudek
26th 3rd Pavel Kořínek : Carefully read the panels : a challenge to analyze comics
Second 4th Michal Jareš : Show it to me. Kaja Saudek and underground comix world
9th 4th Tomáš Prokůpek : Followers, pupils, Epigoni : the effect of making Kaja Saudek on
two generations of Czech comics creators
16th 4th Pavel Kořínek : Czech comics 1989-2013 : programs , projects, problems
23rd 4th Martin Foret : Saudek " grandchildren " : contemporary Czech comics books
Lectures will be held every Wednesday at Café '87 to 17 hours .

Dragon hidden inside rocks ! How to write and draw comics
Saturday - Sunday | 15th - 16, 3rd 2014 | 10:00 am ALWAYS FROM ALL DAY ,
Trainer: MARTIN ŠINKOVSKÝ (AKA BOHUMÍR tobacco) , scriptwriter Petr Novak (AKA SILENCE 762) , a cartoonist
Assignment: Students will learn first sip of the theory of comics and then the teachers dedicate to making comics. On Saturday 29 March trainers workshop participants submit their work to the final assessment. Works Museum subsequently issue in June at the gallery in Café '87 .
Who : The workshop is designed for beginners and experienced . Participation is open to individuals or copyright tandems .
Reservations and information : David Hrbek , , tel : 585 514 213

The World According Saudek
Saturday - Sunday | 12th - 13th 4th 2014 | 10:00 am ALWAYS FROM ALL DAY ,
Who : The workshop is designed for beginners and experienced . Participation is open to individuals or copyright tandems .
Reservations and information : David Hrbek , , tel : 585 514 213

On the back superdraka | Comic fence
Friday, the 25th 4th | 13.00 | OHRADA in the neighborhood can
Top ten comics cartoonists folds homage to the king of Czech comics for nearly forty- corral at the Museum of Modern Art ! Area is divided into two halves poster for the exhibition , the remaining area will be covered with white paper with printed speech bubbles from comics and movies Kaja Saudek. The incomplete comic panels stand up comic cartoonists ten (nine from the Czech Republic, one from Slovakia ) and complete the comics . Participation promised : SILENCE 762, Šeda Vojta , Karel Jerie , Vojta Velický , Václav Šlajch , Dan Black, Tomáš Kučerovský , David Kurňavka (SK ) , Slizard and Jakub Cenkl . The event is preparing for significant contributions Olomouc lard - an alternative magazine about culture, theater , music , film ( ) .

Movie night comics
Friday | 04.25 | 18:00 PM | Metropol Cinema
Alois Nebel
Animation / Drama , Czech Republic / Germany 2011 , 81 minutes
Directed by : Tom Kite / Draft : Jaroslav Rudis (book ) / Screenplay: Jaroslav Rudis / Camera : Jan Baset Střítežský / Music: Petr Kružík , Ondrej Jezek
Action / Sci - Fi , USA 2012 , 143 min
Director: Joss Whedon / Writer: Zak Penn , Joss Whedon / photography: Seamus McGarvey / Music: Alan Silvestri
300 : Battle of Thermopylae
Action / Fantasy / Military / Historical , USA 2006 , 117 min
Director: Zack Snyder / Writer: Zack Snyder, Kurt Johnstad , Michael Gordon / Director of Photography: Larry Fong / Music: Tyler Bates

Czech comics ( and Visual Culture ) 60 - 80 20th century
Saturday | 26th 4th | At 10:00 | BESEDA
Kaja Saudek undoubtedly an exceptional creative and a key figure in the history of domestic comics 60s, 70s and 80 years - in any decade in any other way , in a different context. Saudek specific formation played in this period Founder's role in the establishment of Czech comics that do not target the juvenile readers , bold innovation and success , however, was also traditional for children and youth oriented production . Professional Colloquium aims to map out in detail in the different sub excursion analyze this key stage in the development of Czech comics , with forays into related areas, home visual / popular culture.

Guided tours of the exhibition
TUESDAYS 11th 2nd , 25th 2nd , 11th 3rd , 25th Third , 15 4th A 29th 4th 16.30 / Vaulted Hall, MMU
Exhibits displaying the Libor Greenland. 15th 4th together with the artist's brother John.
Admission is free
Reservation required! Information and reservations:
Treasury Museum of Modern Art , tel 585 514 241