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Gothic Madonna on lion | Splendor et Virtus Reginae Coeli

13th Second - 11th 5th 2014

Archdiocesan Museum Olomouc


International exhibition project called Gothic Madonna on the lion represents the Olomouc Museum of Art, the most important cultural events in the field of ancient art planned for 2014. The exhibition will be devoted to the remarkable phenomenon of European High Gothic sculpture , which is a depiction of the Virgin Mary standing on a lion . This unique theme that first appeared around the mid-14th century , represents the spirit of the medieval symbolism of victory over evil and sin, and views of the Madonna on a lion is in this sense be seen as a precursor of later representation of the Virgin Mary standing on a snake or on a crescent moon , which was used until the Baroque period. Most Madon standing on a lion preserved in Silesia and Pomerania . For the history of art is a phenomenon so significant that even led to the naming of the variant soft style of the 14th century "style of Madonna on a lion " ( Löwenmadonnenstil ) . The forthcoming exhibition project is unique in several respects - the first time ever together will be exhibited at the Madonna statue representing a lion, preserved in what is now Poland, Germany , Austria and France . As crucial in this regard is the recently discovered Klosterneuburská Madonna on a lion ( National Gallery ) , a leading Czech identified medievistou and author of the exhibition prof . Dr. . Ivo Hlobil , PhD . ( Department of Art History ASCR ) as the Master Michelské Madonna dating from around 1345, which likely demonstrates Czech origin of this phenomenon , which probably was due to the initiative of the Emperor Charles IV . We assume that the unique joint exhibition Klosterneburské Madonna together with the iconography and style statues komparovatelnými - Prussian Silesia and Salzburg circuit opens the way to further research and to broaden the existing knowledge of European sculpture 14th century . The exhibition will reprise in Austria ( Bergbau -und Gotikmuseum Leogang ), which will take place from 5 to 6th - 31st 8th 2014. The exhibition will be accompanied bilingual Czech - German catalog , prepared by leading European experts .