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Wednesday, the 12th March 2014 19:00 PM



New Stage

Game playwright Martin McDonagh , which in the UK won the prestigious Olivier Award, presented by the Brno theater Buranteatr , takes us to an unspecified totalitarian state , which has started to mysterious murders.

The interrogation is summoned writer Katurian , libující in the brutal , perverted to the murders . Now the texts it has become a model for a murder mystery that became the prime suspect . One of the stories is Mr. pillow , whose main character is a creation of the cushions , which are attended by small children who would suffer in the future , and gives them to choose between immediate death or the rest of your life in pain.

About this game ought not to give away too much, because each moment is so crucial that its unveiling at the wrong time could be a bad thing. Let's say you met acclaimed artwork with precise translation Ondrej Sokol, excellent leadership of director George Š.Hájka and top-notch acting ensemble , led by Michal Isteník ( winner of the Alfred Radok talent of 2011 ) in the role Katuriana .

" Burany executes every day . But execute the writer , that's sending a signal to the world . "


implementation team :
translation - Ondrej Sokol
Director - Jiří Hájek S.
dramaturgy - Jan Šotkovský
scenography - Radka Vyplašilová J. H.
Music - Zdeněk Boy

Katurian - Michal Isteník
Tupolski - Luke Rieger
Ariel - Jaroslav Matejka
Michal - Zetel or Petr Jarčevský
Little girl - Bara Kamenská

The premiere of the sixth HaDivadlo in December 2007 .

The performance lasts 180 min . My break.

passage of criticism :
"The Prime Minister is a lot of space ( not only) in the theater a few newspapers ; suffer mainly theater and less established outside of Prague . And unfortunately happens that almost no media attention and gets such productions , which would certainly deserve it . Mr. Pillow In fact, it seemed that the only reliable function key to a real revival of his artfully ironic dialogue and breakneck plot paradoxes is the exclusive property of Andrew Sokol and Drama Club . Buranteatr (a director Jiří Hájek) , however, managed to disrupt the alleged monopoly - and that means very simple , seemingly effortless . (...) Concision : Mr. Pillow is not only very well-done production , but may be proof that Buranteatr developed economical, unobtrusive , yet very effective style of staging .
Poster : Antoni Shawn Wright

Photo: Pavel Nesvadba