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Sunday, the 9th March at 09:00 pm

New Stage

The show will be the nineteenth , a joint meeting of the working files of mime and movement theater Disabled and the general population. It builds on previous years shows in Cologne and former national amateur pantomime show , which took place in 1987 in the show's opening Litvinov mission is to promote and develop new tradition and contribute to the revival of Czech pantomime.

National show of mime and movement theater called OPEN is the only integrated show, which stand next to each other , inspire and collaborate hearing and deaf children and adults , professionals and amateurs . He regularly participates in Christian theater. After all Entry of analysis seminars are held in the presence of teaching staff consisting of leading experts mime, movement theater and dance scene . Furthermore, spectators and participants offered inspiring performances that are part of the show.

Shows OPEN regularly participates 180-220 participants. Fashion shows and gala viewed by hundreds of spectators.

INTENTION - we managed to revive the original intent of Czech pantomime and also organize an integrated show open for everybody . Deaf reach in this extraordinary business results. This increases their self-confidence . Interest of self-realization removes the feeling of social isolation severely hearing impaired. The project and its results have a high credit . Meeting these festivals and parades for the hearing impaired individual , socially as well as artistically exceptional importance .

Dramaturgy - Open is designed as a non-competitive festival with a wide overlap in movement theater and dance. The organizers want to promote contemporary art in particular, the concept of these genres. Important element of analysis shows are workshops where the emphasis is on two-way discussion. In addition, the show's accompanying programs for participants in the form of inspirational performances. These are the performances, which last year was interesting and inspiring. Organizers plan to XII . OPEN again workshop ( workshop ) focusing on the forms and ways of working. including overhead procedures pantomime and physical performance .