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EIP Project

Monday, the 24th February 17:00

dance project

contemporary dance

The whole Cooltour

EIP - Everything Is Possible - is based on a story that takes place in a fictional world destroyed apocalypse , which together with the struggle for power at war together five parties , including both fire and water , two elements that are wildly ride the rubble of the destroyed earth's surface , so bright and dark , two very different sides that are fighting among themselves over who will prevail and thereby breaking the fragile compromise between good and evil, which still reigns as monarch , being so altered by human experiments and by driving behind technological advances that all he wants is to see all beg for mercy.

Project EIP is an event that combines several completely different dance styles and dance studios and groups in order to create something that even in Ostrava unprecedented. The aim is to create a cohesive story that will be told through dance and music.

Dancers involved in this project are ( among others) members :
- Dance Group Beat Up Ostrava
- Dance Club Akcent Ostrava
- Joy & Pulse Dance Company Bohumín

Martin Hloušek

Choreographers :
Filip Ruzicka
Veronika Klimešová
Marco Behal
Sarah Lamprechtová
Martin Hloušek

screenwriter :
Martin Hloušek

Barbora Sosnovcová

Barbora Sosnovcová
Antoni Shawn Wright

prequel :

A lone figure standing on the ruins of a block of flats after a few hours finally moved. She straightened her back and re-fashioned dirty old coat she wore . I do not remember if I ever wore anything else. He looked like a piece of her personality .

The figure looked to the horizon and thought . With the world it went from bad to worse . After the country chasing the elements of Fire and Water, the two kind of paradoxical way, destroying everything in their path and have been destroyed . Hand in hand they danced their deadly dance, without realizing what actually takes place.

Water, innocent , defenseless , yet deadly. Fire, aggressive , full of life and , like in a bad joke , rozsévající death. Build arrogantly scoffed nothing more than flies.

Then his mind but the two sides still were reminded that could cause problems . One of them was the bright side , a group of people who vowed to clean everything from evil. Pathetic , thought the figure . Blinded by his white glow .

The other side of it but more nervous , just because of the fact that he did not know much about it . Reportedly should be the polar opposite of light , beings created out of sheer darkness , crawling on the verge of reality and dream and astringent all their careless victim into madness and darkness. Their commander began to say obscure, but it was so everything she knew about her character . Something is wrong , she thought the figure . But it does not matter . At the end as everyone will kneel on your knees and beg for mercy. Not that there is any waiting.

The figure jumped from the wreckage of one of the balconies . All the end of the burn. Yes , it will be convenient.

Suddenly, a figure began to tightly bend forward and keep the right half of the face, as if struck by an electric shock . After a few moments the spasm subsided and she stood up , his face twisted in pain and rage . A first will burn those who did this to me .

Monarch adjusted his coat and walked toward which lay his laboratory . It was going to work. He had a little " bump" atmosphere. A " bump" meant literally.