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Vsetínský movie marathon 2014

The House of Culture Vsetín


For the seventh year systematically deal with people from Vsetin Film Club Cinema in the Balkans . Every year, prepared in cooperation with
House of Culture and the Municipality of Vsetín Vsetín three-day film festival , which offers the most interesting images, always focusing on the production of one particular Balkan countries with the participation of distinguished guests .

During the previous years, so it was within the Summer Film Marathon presented to 115 images of contemporary cinema Romanian , Slovenian, Macedonian , Bulgarian , Serbian and Croatian . With 40 films experienced precisely because of its Czech premiere of the show .

This year , the organizers of the Film Club Vsetin decided to postpone the event from the summer to the beginning of April. With this change related to treatment prior to the name of the festival Vsetínský movie marathon , which for now will bear the subtitle Cinema and Montenegro will be present , as the name itself implies , the 15 films from the current Montenegrin film production.

The program will be divided into two thematic units. The first will be "New Montenegrin cinema." "The current Montenegrin cinematography is relatively small. After independence in 2007, this small Balkan country for several years ' exploring movies almost . But this is slowly changing now , we can imagine a Czech audience several films by young filmmakers Montenegro . Most of them will be with us Czech premiere, " explains Chairman Vsetin film club Milan ing Kostelník .

The second thematic session will follow the " Montenegrins in Yugoslavia movie" . " Yugoslavia is no more than twenty years past. Her bloody disintegration if overruled all the good things in this country happened . Perhaps the greatest monument to the country 's spectacular cinematography . The Yugoslavian times we have left vast number of notable films. Also Montenegrins were there and their names can be combined from many film jewelry. Perhaps the biggest Montenegrin personality who gave the world Montenegro
director Zivko Nikolic . Under the program, preparing his great directorial retrospective , "adds Jiří Fiala , literary festival.

In addition, viewers will be able to see also 6 other Montenegrin film directors of the 60th - 80 years of the last century when most of them will be screened in Czech cinema for the first time .