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Marco Spada

30th 3rd | Sunday 16.45 pm
Admission : CZK 300

Music: Daniel- François -Esprit Auber . Choreography: Pierre Lacotte .

Transmission length : 2h 50 min including intermission.

Bandit Marco Spada cheerfully looting going around and robbing honorable citizens directly under the nose of the governor. Carefully concealing his identity and the castle raising her daughter Angela. It is not about his double life a secret activities or a single clue about what worries her love life. He longs for Prince Fredericia, but her dream is collapsing when he discovers that he can not marry her because she 's engaged .

Adventure story of the bandit Marcu Spade celebrated its rebirth at the stage of the famous Bolshoi Theatre . Rarely involves the ballet was added to the repertoire in November 2013. French choreographer Pierre Lacotte it reworked specifically for file Bolshoye and Marco Spada , or the bandit's daughter grandiose and unique ballet at a high technical level and dramatic : a complex choreography , five major roles created for the five principles , several different scenes , almost the entire ballet company on stage even even in the presence of animals ... with their pantomime party, diabolical intrigue, Declined suitors and abducted heroine, a rebel and love misunderstandings Marco Spada is fresh and joyous ballet that you should not miss .